Wishing for the One I Love
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Why hello there everyone! My name is Snow White! My dearest friends are seven little men who work in a diamond mine. I enjoy cooking, cleaning, singing, and day dreaming. I also love all animals, they are so friendly and bring me such joy! Not too long ago, I had waited and wished for what seemed like forever for the one I love to come find me, and he did! Not only did he find me, but he rescued me from a poisoned apple that put me in a very deep sleep. The only way to awake me was by true loves' first kiss. He came and found me, and kissed me. Now we are living happily ever after...

I am a part of Fantasmic Disney Fantasy Roleplay!

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Posted on August/11/2011 with 18 notes
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Posted on August/11/2011
Tagged as: snow white, disney,
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